The First Order Rises in Our Exclusive Look at This Week's Star Wars Animated Short

Kylo Ren leads his men through the fires of war.
Image: Lucasfilm

As if Kylo Ren running around just smashing the bejesus out of the Resistance last week wasn’t enough villainous action for you, io9 has an early look at the latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short. And sadly, the Resistance is not quite done taking a beating.

io9 can exclusively reveal your first look at “The First Order vs. The Resistance,” which, really, should be titled “Here are a lot of different kinds of Stormtrooper committing a large quantity of space murder,” but this is technically an animated series for children, so, we’ll let that slide.


They’re very pretty as they go about it, though.

Titmouse’s latest short is a really, really good reminder of how much fun it would be to see them take a crack at something in the galaxy far, far away that’s a little more extended than the weekly slices of Star Wars that Galaxy of Adventures would allow. From General Hux’s spittling-speech to the fires of the Flametrooper’s horrifying march, even this tiny glimmer of space action packs a hell of a punch in this animated style.

Maybe next time on Galaxy of Adventures the heroes can get a win again though? Otherwise, this would start to look a bit mean. Very pretty, but mean.


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“So, what’s the First Order about?”

“They’re evil and want to conquer the galaxy.”


“And what?”

“I mean, what’s their ideology? What’s their purpose? Why does Stormtrooper VJ-24601 step up to the firing line each time?”

“They’re evil!”

“They still need a motivation, a cause, a reason they think they’re the good guys in all this!”

“Some people are just evil, like the Nazis!”

“The Nazis had an ideology! That fucker literally wrote a book about it!”

“Look, they’re evil, like the Empire, just don’t worry about it and enjoy the pretty lasers.”

...honestly, just tired of the First Order at this point. No, the Empire in the original series didn’t have an ideology either, but the context there was different, they were presented in the first film as kinda always existing, Lucas had it in mind that the Empire always was, but wasn’t always evil, that it had just lost its way as a result of an evil emperor on the throne, and then the story in the OT narrowed in focus so the Empire’s motivations didn’t matter, because they stopped being the real enemy.

But the First Order? There’s no more narrow focus now, not with the sequel trilogy over and Disney still wanting to do stuff with that era, but it doesn’t feel like there’s an ideology here beyond “being evil Space-Neo-Nazis”, and you have to dive deep into supplementary material in order to get any idea of it all.

Its just... well, why should I care about them?