TIE Bombers from The Empire Strikes Back
TIE Bombers from The Empire Strikes Back
Image: Lucasfilm

The First Order in the new Star Wars trilogy has an imposing fleet, but there’s one notable gap in its set of ship designs: a TIE Bomber. So one fan decided to fix it.


Prolific video creator EC Henry, who specializes in Star Wars videos, took to his favored design software, Star Wars ships past and present on his mind, and built his own: an ambitious, evolutionary take on the Empire’s TIE Bomber, complete with heavy defenses and the iconic double-cockpit design from the original.

I really like what Henry does with it here, especially with the manifolds. It’s like an evil Y-Wing crossed with a B-25 bomber. Chilling. If a real TIE Bomber gets debuted in Episode IX, we can only hope it’s this compelling to look at.


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