The First Official Look at Doctor Who Spinoff Class Is a Lot Darker Than You'd Expect

Illustration for article titled The First Official Look at iDoctor Who/i Spinoff iClass/i Is a Lot Darker Than Youd Expect

Both in terms of tone for what is meant to be a show about high school kids in the Doctor Who universe, but also because... you know. Lighting stuff. Symbolism!


The BBC has revealed the first picture from Class, Patrick Ness’ new young-adult Who spinoff set in Coal Hill School, former place of work (and study) of companions Clara, Susan, Barbara, and Ian. But instead of textbooks and chalkboards, you’ve got two characters stalking the school corridors at night, and one of them is packing a rather alien-looking pistol.

The image also comes with the first confirmed character names for the series—up top is Miss Quill, played by Katherine Kelly, a teacher described in the original cast announcement as a “powerful new presence at Coal Hill School,” and the alien gun owner is April, played by Sophie Hopkins. Presumably said gun is being pointed at your standard Doctor Who monster/alien threat.


We did just recently hear that Class is taking a leaf out of former spinoff Torchwood’s book for its premise, just without the mature content. But apparently this may mean, judging by this first look, it’s going to be a little darker than many people might have expected.

Class begins on BBC One and BBC America next month.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Mortal Dictata

This may be strange to a lot of US viewers but basically the BBC have once again completely fucked it.

Class is being aired on the now online only BBC Three and is aimed at a ‘young-adult’ audience. The BBC as of today have also made it so you require a TV licence to use the BBC iPlayer online service so basically the core audience for something like this (i.e. people in their teens to early-20s) has just been drastically cut down as students now require a TV licence to watch it which they won’t buy.