The First Music Video From Descendants 2 Brings Us Some Disney-Approved Wickedness

Image: Gif from YouTube/Disney

Hey, want to know what “wickedness” looks like when it’s conceived of by adults for children and then made into a musical number? Bobbing for apples. It looks like bobbing for apples.


We’ve got a trailer and a music video for Disney’s Descendants 2, which, I will grant them, isn’t doing the same plot as the first one. Instead, it’s doing a new, equally hilarious plot in which the boy-king of Auradon (his coronation was in the last film remember?) bores his evil girlfriend to tears so she goes home to the island where all the villains were banished to and, instead of her mother wanting a magic wand, now another evil child wants one. Also, the boy-king goes to the island after her and gets immediately kidnapped. A+ to him.

The trailer is ridiculous, but the music video (presumably mostly scenes from a number in the movie) is even better. Please enjoy this song where the children make a bunch of poisoned apples because, well, Snow White. Only instead of sleep/death, these apples make people “wicked.” Which mostly seems to consist of very bad dancing and also bobbing for apples.


I was worried the success of the first movie might make Disney spend more money on the sequel. As improving the production values of this would ruin it, I’m glad to see I was wrong to worry. I love you, Descendants, never ever change.

Descendants 2 comes to TV on July 21.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Well, that song is catchy, I’ll give them that.

I haven’t watched the first Descendants, but now I’m kinda curious. It looks so bad and cheesy and...teenage...that it must end up being hilarious.

For those people who have seen it, is it worth the 90 minutes?