The First Mulan Trailer Teases a Sweeping Warrior's Adventure

Mulan’s ready to fight.
Mulan’s ready to fight.
Image: Walt Disney Studios
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The first trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan is here, and it’s gorgeous.


In a sweeping ninety seconds, the trailer showcases big, beautiful settings and an attention to detail that makes the remake look more like a period film than a Disney adaptation. Mulan, played by Yifeu Lu, goes from quiet daughter to epic warrior. The trailer teases really sweeping fights, too, real Wuxia-type stuff, and you can absolutely see that stylistic influence on the shooting here.

So far as music goes, there’s no singing, but hints of the animated film’s music are heard in the soundtrack. Which, if that’s the approach the movie takes, is fairly understated for what looks to be a pretty self-serious film.

Check out the first trailer, and get ready: Mulan comes to theaters March 27, 2020.

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So they made her Hakka.
... interesting choice.
Mulan, as by the ballad and dramas, came from the north. She lived when non-Chinese ruled (either the Toba-Wei or the Mongols) and when it wasn’t completely unheard of that women take to the weapons. Yet it is implied that although she had the support of her family (they are happy to have her back and slaughter animals in her honor!) she is of Confucian background (weaving and later returning to her female lifestyle after 12(!) years of war).

The Hakka came together as a migrant group much later than the original Mulan’s expected life-team, earliest in the Tang-Dynasty. In opposite to Mulan’s heritage, they live in the south, mostly Guangdong.They create the typical roundhouses you see in the trailer and which are uncommon for the Han-Chinese majority (though Hakka are ethnically Han, too). Hakka placed emphasis on education over the military and their women did not bind their feet, which is relevant if you place Mulan in a post-Mongol era (the Disney movie created a weird mix of Yuan- and Ming dynasty).
However, the Hakka also have a history of persecution in the late Chinese Empire. There were multiple (!) genocides against the Hakka by the Cantonese, killing millions. That’s why they have spread so far over the globe, and they were very involved in several Chinese revolutions.

So the choice to place Mulan in a Hakka household is quite curious.