The First Look at Hulu's Runaways Is Full of Angsty Teens With Terrible Parents

Illustration for article titled The First Look at Hulus iRunaways /iIs Full of Angsty Teens With Terrible Parents

The Defenders trailer gave you a team of foul-mouthed adults with bad coping skills, and now the first look Runaways are its lighter teen equivalent. Less binge drinking, similar amounts of angst, and a whole lot more mommy and daddy issues. Also, one of these kids is clearly an outspoken feminist.


From the looks of it, Hulu’s adaptation of the Runaways is slated to fairly faithful to the original series. We’ve got Nico Minorou paging through what looks like a spell book, Molly Hayes rocking her iconic (and newly politicized) pink pussy hat, and Karolina Dean’s body lighting up like diamonds in the sky. The kids all stumble across their parents performing a demonic ritual (as all parents do) and while the trailer doesn’t give much about the plot away, you should know that young people all promptly run away.


Runaways hits Hulu later this year.

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I don’t know. Molly doesn’t look nearly adorable enough, I think.