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The First Look at Archer: 1999 Promises Cheeky Action in Outer Space

The gang’s all space!
The gang’s all space!
Image: FXX
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The Archer gang started off as international secret agents, but they’ve also spent time as drug kingpins (in Archer: Vice), Hollywood PIs circa now and the 1930s (the latter in Archer: Dreamland), and as tropical treasure-hunters (in Archer: Danger Island). Now the trailer for the 10th (and final) season is here, giving us our first real look at the space shenanigans of Archer: 1999.

Holy shit snacks, PAM!!

Technically speaking, this isn’t the first time team Archer has headed into outer space; there was that two-episode arc at the end of season three, “Space Race,” that poked fun at James Bond’s Moonraker while referencing a multitude of other sci-fi classics. (They also visited Area 51 and met an alien in season six’s “Nellis.”) But the “Space Race” episodes are among the best Archer has ever done—and after last season’s disappointingly dull detour to Danger Island, things appear to be looking up with 1999.


How many classic sci-fi films will they reference? Will the final season end with Sterling Archer finally waking up from the coma he’s apparently been in since the end of season seven—a storytelling device that’s cleared the way for all these wacky changes in scenery? We’ll be one step closer to knowing once Archer: 1999 hits FXX, starting May 29.

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Calling it now: Archer wakes up at the end of the series and not only have the last three seasons been a dream, but the preceding ones where he was a spy as well.