The First Live-Action Attack On Titan Trailer Is A Giant Tease

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There's been a verrrry small glimpse of footage released (during a Japanese talk show), but now the first real teaser for the much-anticipated live-action movie of the hit manga and anime is here, and wow.

At the beginning, I was afraid this video was going to use animation to show all the cool things, like the people-eating Titans and the giant walls humanity had built to protect themselves, which in turn made me afraid that perhaps the movie didn't have enough of a budget to really do the series justice in live-action. But that glimpse at the Colossal Titan, the giant-est of the giants... yeah, I think it's gonna be all right.

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It looks interesting, I'm not much of a fan of the anime or the manga, but I'd be willing to give the film a shot. Is there any mention of an american adaption on the near or far horizon? It seems like this particular world would benefit greatly from an American Studio with a more substantial budget, which I'm worried could end up being the biggest weakness of the foreign version.

The sets look nice and the costumes (from what little I could see) appeared to be well done, but the cgi is about 10 years behind the industry, and that could be a fatal flaw in a film this dependent on the monsters.