Veronica Mars might not be science fiction, but we still have a lot of love in our hearts for this geeky girl detective. Here's the first line Kristen Bell delivered when she returned to her quippy character.

Veronica may not be a detective at the star of the film, but she's still Veronica. If you haven't watched it already, be sure to check out the trailer.

Also, Chris Lowell, who plays Piz, showed up wearing a Team Logan shirt. "The death threats have almost stopped," he said.


But Jason Dohring, who plays Logan, decided to cast his lot with Team Piz.

And, as you can see from the top image, Ryan Hansen is Team Dick all the way. It's no wonder that most of the cast said that the character they'd most like to play besides their own is Dick.


Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty.