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The First Lego Set for the Wonder Woman Movie Gives Us a Gigantic God of War

Image: Lego/DC Comics
Image: Lego/DC Comics

Discerning information about an upcoming movie from its toyline is always a bit of a wild goose chase—especially when it comes to Lego, which is notorious for obfuscating as much as it can to make sets. But nonetheless, this Lego set is the closest thing we have so far to a look at Wonder Woman’s big bad.


Revealed by EW today, “Wonder Woman Warrior Battle” features Diana and Steve Trevor up against a giant version of Ares, the God of War, who plays a major role in the film’s backstory. Aside from building the bigger version of Ares, the set comes with a buildable bi-plane you can put Steve in for his hilariously feeble attempts to perform strafing attacks on the actual god of war.

Illustration for article titled The First Lego Set for the iWonder Woman/i Movie Gives Us a Gigantic God of War

With no official look at Ares in sight, this is the closest thing we’ve gotten to an acknowledgement of how he’ll appear in the movie—and even then it’s hard to really put much stock in it, given the simplification process that’s part of Lego’s own style. And taken with the fact, as mentioned above, that Lego are the last toys to trust when it comes to movie details, we don’t even know if a moment like this will ever be in the movie. (If Lego could be trusted, we’d still be waiting for the Iron Man 3 climax where Tony Stark fights the Mandarin in a souped up golf buggy.) It’s still a nifty little set though. “Wonder Woman Warrior Battle” will hit shelves in May.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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You forgot to point out it also includes Wonder Woman’s plane...