The First Haunting, Mysterious Images From Jordan Peele's Us Are Here

Lupita Nyong’o is ready to get spooked in Us
Photo: Claudette Barius/Universal (via Entertainment Weekly)

We still barely know anything about Us, Peele’s hotly anticipated horror follow up to the remarkable Get Out. But at least now we have a little look at some of the terror facing Lupita Nyong’o in the film.

Entertainment Weekly has officially unveiled the first cryptic look at the movie ahead of its trailer debut on Christmas Day (because nothing says the holidays like paranoid horror, right?), as well as a few more intriguing details about just what the film’s really about.


According to the site, Us follows Adelaide and Gabe Wilson (played by Nyong’o and Black Panther’s Winston Duke, respectively), as they take their young children back to Adelaide’s childhood home for the summer. But as Adelaide, dealing with a past trauma, finds herself unable to shake the feeling that something bad will befall her family, four mysterious figures that look suspiciously like the Wilson family show up on her driveway in the dead of night.

Well. That’s creepy as hell.
Photo: Claudette Barius/Universal (via Entertainment Weekly)

Peele, describing it as “more firmly in the horror genre” than Get Out, also told EW that he’s hoping with Us to “create a monster mythology,” so there might be a bit more to the paranoia Nyong’o’s Adelaide feels, and that weird red-clad quartet, then these first details let on.

But then again, given that so much of Get Out was wrapped in mystery before its brilliance truly revealed itself, we’ll have to wait and see just what Us will bring. We’ll get our first taste on December 25, but otherwise, we’ll be waiting until its March 15 release.


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