The First Full Trailer for the CW's Huge DC Crossover Is an Alien Invasion Epic

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Oh, we’ve had snippets—adorable, glee-laden snippets. But the first true trailer for the first mashup between Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow is here, and it’s teasing a crossover of epic proportions.


The CW has finally dropped a big trailer for next week’s crossover, and while we’ve seen a few bits of the footage from it already, we get a ton of new looks at the four-part event.

There’s lots of new footage of the Dominators, whether its them swarming the Earth with invasion ships or seemingly laying waste to a World War II-era U.S. Army. There’s a lovely moment where Kara learns how Heatwave got his name. And then there’s a bit where Team Arrow seemingly take over a spaceship?


Yes please. We’ll take all of this, and then some. The crossover begins with next week’s episode of Supergirl, on November 28th.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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The DC Universe is all full of murder-

No, the DC Universe is all full of this awesome! Screw you, Snyder!