The First Full Trailer for Legion's Return Is as Dance-Filled and Trippy as You'd Hoped

Image: FX
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The mindbending adventures of David Haller are back, and although we’ve had a few glimpses and cryptic teasers for Legion season two, this is our best look yet at what’s in store for the poor mutant. And what’s in store? More mystery and more dancing, of course!

Briefly picking up on the rather odd scenario we last saw David in during season one—being captured by a bizarre floating orb to be taken to parts unknown—the teaser isn’t just packed with some Legion-appropriate wild visuals, but also sets up what’s next: A brewing conflict between David and the returned Shadow King that seems like it could put Syd in danger.

But really, what this tells us more than anything is that Legion’s sophomore season is gonna look better and weirder than ever, in the best way possible. There are some absolutely gorgeous shots in this trailer that have us itching to see more. It’s not long now before we’ll get to, since Legion returns to FX April 3.

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Is this a smart show, or is this one of those types of shows that uses mental illness as a crutch to deceive the audience into thinking it’s smart, when really it’s just confusing/weird/nonsensical/etc.?

I watched the first few episodes last year and wasn’t sure which one it was.