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First full-length Guardians of the Galaxy just got us really excited

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Here it is: The very first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, the misfits in space movie from Super director James Gunn. And it's hilarious.


Yep, Marvel's next movie is exactly what we'd hoped it would be — very funny. The first ever trailer is made up of new footage, character shots and a bit of the footage that we saw at San Diego Comic-Con. We're seeing a lot of alien shenanigans, and we are liking what we are seeing!

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1st.

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As a comic-nerd, this trailer was great but for the general movie going audience? I'm gonna have to say, nah. My boyfriend gave me so much side-eye when Rocket and the Groot showed up.

Hopefully they pick up with with the next one later this year!