The First Ever Gynoid Is Now Complete At Last!

The science fiction movie Holy Grail has appeared: the missing sections of Fritz Lang's Metropolis turned up in Buenos Aires. We can finally see what the classic gynoid-led worker uprising movie is really about. Up to a quarter of the movie has been missing since it was butchered for its early screenings in 1927, leaving huge gaps in the movie's storyline and logical jumps that make no sense.

The Museo del Cine Pablo C. Ducros Hicken in Buenos Aires found the 16 mm negatives, which include the character of Georgy in his "reduced" state, a character named Slim and his transformation into an apocalypse-preaching monk, and a car journey through the city of Metropolis. Just in time for the no-doubt-ridiculous remake to start work, we can finally see what the original Metropolis was about. A lot of stuff that made no sense in the edited version now actually makes sense. The only question is, will Giorgio "Love To Love You Baby" Moroder write a new score for the missing parts, to go with the score he already wrote in 1984? [Murnau-Sifting, thanks tynansanger]


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