Goldberg and Rogen promoting Preacher at SXSW earlier this year. Image: Getty/Roger Kisby

This past Sunday, the world was introduced to Preacher. It’s a weird world, based on the cult comic series, and if you had some questions after that first episode, AMC has come up with a solution: a commentary with director’s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

If you head to this link right here (and are a cable subscriber, there’s always a catch) you can watch the first episode with Rogen and Goldberg explaining all their decisions and directorial choices. The pair are also executive producers of the series so they’ve got a rather solid grasp on where things are going.


The episode is going to re-air on Sunday, followed by Talking Preacher, then new episodes will start on June 5.

We’ve covered a lot of Preacher stuff recently. If you‘re interested, here’s our recap of the first episode, how Rogen and Goldberg got involved in the adaptation, how accurate to the (insane) comics Preacher the show will be, and finally, here’s a spoiler-free review of the first four episodes.