The First Crisis on Infinite Earths Teaser Is a Short, Sweet Glimpse of Everyone Coming Together

The Monitor is ready.
The Monitor is ready.
Image: CW

We’ve got Supermen, Batwomen, Arrows, Black Lightning, everyone’s all here!

The Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event is approaching quickly, and now we’ve finally got a real teaser. It’s short, yes, but it’s here, and it’s a heckuva posse cut—Batwoman and Arrow, Black Lightning, and our first in-motion look at Brandon Routh as an old, hunky Superman. (I’m not afraid to say it.)


It’s thrilling, and definitely has me wanting to see a longer glimpse at what’s coming. The novelty of the superhero crossover has largely faded, sure, but Crisis is just going so hard. And who doesn’t want to see Brandon Routh share the screen with Tom Welling?

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I hate to nitpick, but will they address the big white elephant that earthling Ray Palmer from Earth-1 looks exactly like the Kryptonian Kal-El from that other universe (maybe Earth-22) or will it be explain away as coincidence or just totally ignored?

My theory is this: Ray Palmer IS Kal-El from Krypton, but in the Arrowverse, Kryptonians are not given superpowers from the earth’s sun. So when he crashed landed on earth as a child, he was adopted by the Palmer family, lived unknowingly or in secret as a normal earthling, and just became a natural genius. Additionally, remember when Ray commented that Supergirl looked like his cousin? There’s also a Kara Zor-El that also came to the Arrowverse Earth, but she’s a normal person as well and never became Supergirl.

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