The First Crazy Teaser For Chinese Blockbuster Lost In The Pacific Is Here!

The first teaser for the Chinese blockbuster Lost in the Pacific recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it like it’ll be a wild ride. rs.


The film is being hailed as China’s first English language and 3D scifi film, and it stars Brandon Routh and Zhang Yuqi. The movie was filmed earlier this year in Malaysia, and was directed Vincent Zhou. Just recently, the movie scored an international release, which means that we’ll likely see it in the US before too long.

According to DreadCentral, the plot looks like it’ll be crazy:

When a giant airplane regarded as “the Titanic in the sky” flies through the Pacific, it hits an abandoned aircraft carrier. Zhang Yuqi’s character is the pilot, and she has to land the aircraft on an island in the middle of the ocean. Followed by the chaos and suspenseful paranoia caused by the turbulence, the passengers soon realize it is not just an accident.


Any time the words Titanic of the Sky is uttered, you know you’re in for something fun.

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Pretty sure this is the Titanic of the sky.