The First Counterpart Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Faces and Old Problems

J.K. Simmons continues his double acting role on Counterpart’s second season.
J.K. Simmons continues his double acting role on Counterpart’s second season.
Photo: Starz
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The Starz show Counterpart is about a world that exists next to another, identical world. Well, almost. There’s the dimension we take to be the real one in addition to an alternate version where people look just like us, but have an entirely different agenda. When season two of the show kicks off, the main character, and his counterpart, are in a very confusing circumstance indeed.


J.K. Simmons plays both versions of that man, Howard. In one dimension, Howard is a spy whose job is to traverse and police the crossing between the two Earths. In the other world, he’s much less important. Over the course of season one, the two men met and a whole slew of complicated problems were uncovered. As one may expect, both Howards are now having to deal with the repercussions, a situation illustrated very well in this trailer for season two.

Here’s the official description:

At The Office of Interchange, those who have high enough access safeguard a crossing into a parallel dimension not unlike our own. And if their world is like ours, who are we over there? Are we better? Are we different? Season 2 finds Howard and his counterpart living out these questions. With the Crossing closed and each of them stranded in the other’s world, they have to adapt for survival. Howard Prime takes on his other’s life: going to his job, living in his home… with his wife. Howard Alpha is locked in a mysterious black site known as Echo, cut off from everyone he knows. As a cold war escalates between worlds deepening a fickle divide, both men find themselves growing increasingly like their other.

Counterpart comes back to Starz on December 9.

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This show brings the awesome by the truckload. JK Simmons is as fantastic as ever, but the other actors bring their A-game as well.  Great story.  Can’t wait for December.