The First Clips From Denis Villeneuve's Arrival Are Tense As Hell

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I mean, if you happened to be in a first contact situation with an alien race, you’d be on edge too. But these clips from Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival have us on the edge of our seats in the best possible way.


Two new clips from the film have been released today, showing Amy Adams’ Doctor Banks having her initial encounters with the strange alien ships and their inhabitants as they start appearing all over Earth. Both of them will have you holding your breath waiting for the tension to pass. Check them out below.


Arrival hits theaters November 11th.

[The Film Stage]

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Good to see that everyone in the movie also saw Prometheus and how there were no downsides whatsoever in removing their spacesuits.

If you were an alien landing on earth, presumably you have a pretty strong grasp on science. Wouldn’t you lose respect for people visiting your spaceship and removing their life support gear?