The First Class Footage Is All About Doctor Who (Updated)

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At New York Comic Con, the very first teaser for the Doctor Who spinoff was shown, and it’s all about the Doctor showing up and charging the students of Coal Hill with saving the world on their own.


The 40 second teaser, shown prior to a full one, has a lot of tension. But mainly has Peter Capaldi at his menacing warning best:

Later in the panel, they also showed a full trailer for Class, which showed a show that mixes the usual teen drama (nosy parents, sex, coming into yourself) with lava monsters and tears in time and space. But even more than the four kids, the person who stands out the most in the trailer is Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) a physics teacher who clearly has a lot more to her than just that. She seems to be a badass teacher who is more than capable of standing up to anything the rip throws at them. The Doctor even says that there’s a “new guardian,” which seems to be about her.

The best part of the full trailer, by far, is at the end where they run through all the other science fiction teen shows. The kids say that the rip is just like a Hellmouth. And that their experience is also like the Vampire Diaries. And so on and so forth. The self-awareness is a good thing. In moderation

The panel promised the show would have lots of Easter eggs for the fans, but also addresses the way Coal Hill is tied into Doctor Who. One of the very first lines is apparently something like, “We all know kids disappear from this school, but no one talks about it.” A nice reminder that the world of Doctor Who is a legitimately terrifying one for those not in the know.

Updated: Here’s the full trailer.

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I don’t know if it has anything to do with being bought out by AMC, but BBCAmerica holding this show back to until next year is a gigantic mistake. This was meant to hold audiences over during the break before series 10. Also, anyone who wants to see it will find a way to make that happen when it starts airing in the UK.