The First British Science Fiction Film Got Restored, And It Looks Great

The first full-length British science fiction movie, A Message from Mars, has been fully restored, with a new musical soundtrack. You can see some footage in the video below, and it looks just outstanding.

In A Message from Mars, inspired by A Christmas Carol, a Martian gets in trouble for stealing someone else's idea, and is exiled to Earth. There, the Martian has to help a selfish human miser recognize the error of his ways.


As the Guardian explains:

Concepts such as thought transference, space travel and mind control all feature in the ground-breaking film. It also features the first on-screen depiction of Martians by a British film-maker, with the extra-terrestrials shown as futuristically clad members of a Martian court.

The film was restored by the British Film Institute with new music by Matthew Herbert, and the whole thing will be available online (in the U.K., anyway) tomorrow. Here's a glimpse of what it looks like:

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