The First Black Panther Poster Is Appropriately Badass

We’re still a few months out from Black Panther’s release next February, but Marvel’s just dropped the first poster for the movie featuring something other than stylized text and it’s absolutely glorious.

The poster doesn’t really give much detail about the movie itself, of course, but it does provide a sense of what we can expect to see of Wakanda’s royal architecture, which, interestingly, has a very Asgardian aesthetic to it. T’Challa’s throne is a simple, stately set likely made of vibranium and etched with runes while the throne room itself appears to be a high-ceilinged space supported by towering golden and obsidian beams.


It’s also worth noting that the poster shares a number of aesthetic similarities with an iconic photo of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the American Black Panther Party.

The most interesting thing about the poster, though, is the fact that it’s a teaser itself for a proper teaser trailer dropping later tonight. Peep a high-res photo of the poster below:


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