The First Avatar Cirque du Soleil Photos Will Haunt Your Dreams

Remember Avatar? That 3D, James Cameron movie that’s still the highest grossing film of all-time yet no one talks about it? Well, last year, it was announced the masters of acrobatic spectacle at Cirque du Soleil would be turning the James Cameron flick into a brand new show. Here’s our first look at what it’ll look like.

The images are kind of terrifying! But they’re also wonderful in that weird Cirque du Soleil kind of way.


The show is called Toruk: The First Flight and it soft opens November 12 in Bossier City, Louisiana ahead of a world premiere in Montreal December 21. It’ll then tour across North America. Tourk is set thousands of years before the first movie when the first Na’vi rode Toruk, the massive animal that Jake Sully rides at the end of the movie. Don’t remember that? Well, just click here.

However, if it’s like most Cirque shows, the story will be about the 15th most important thing happening at any one time. More important will be incredible visuals, stunts, jumps, acrobatics, costumes, makeup and all that good stuff.

Which brings us to the images that Cirque has released from Toruk. They’re definitely creepy. Like an Avatar fan bought a really, really expensive Na’vi costume. But that was bound to happen considering they’re all computer generated imagery in the film. In the end, the creepiness of human eyes popping out of these costumes is largely overshadowed by some really top notch costume work. Check it out:


For more info on Toruk The First Flight, visit the official site. And if you want more Avatar, you’re in luck. James Cameron has three movies scheduled for 2017, 2018, 2019 and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is opening an Avatar theme park in 2017.


Photo credit: Youssef Shoufan © 2015 Groupe Cirque du Soleil

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