The First Arrival Trailer Makes Talking to Aliens Terrifying

We got about a minute of footage last week, and now the full trailer for the movie adaptation of Ted Chiang’s “Story Of Your Life” is here. And it is tense.

Whereas before, the footage ended with Amy Adams’ Dr. Banks getting her first look inside one of the weird alien monoliths that have appeared, the trailer goes much further. We see her actually communicating with the aliens, while the rest of the world goes appropriately batshit. There’s a lot less action in this sci-fi movie than there is drama, and it all looks great.

Arrival opens November 11.

Katharine is the Associate Director of Policy and Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the former managing editor of io9. She writes about technology policy and pop culture.

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I love a good summer blockbuster as much as the next guy, but I have really been hankering for some, for lack of a better term, grown-up sci-fi for quite a while now. You know, Blade Runner, A.I., that sort of thing. Arrival looks intriguing and terrifying, based on ideas rather than set-pieces.

Between films like Ex Machina and this, as well as the smaller independent films we’re seeing, maybe we are rounding a corner on thoughtful genre pictures?