The First American Gods Season 2 Trailer Promises a Wild Return for the Old Gods and the New

Crispin Glover as Mr. World.
Crispin Glover as Mr. World.
Image: Starz
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The first trailer for American Gods’ second season is here and it’s as gorgeous as it is foreboding of the terrible things to come.

Picking up just hours after the events of American Gods’ first season, Shadow Moon’s just learned Mr. Wednesday’s true identity and just what all his introduction to the world of gods is going to mean for him. But with this new knowledge, Shadow’s life is set to become even more complicated, dangerous, and magical.

American Gods returns to Starz in 2019.

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Season 1 was the prettiest most boring piece of tv I watched this year. I don’t remember the book being boring. How did they pull that off and make that story boring? I certainly like some of the changes made but damn it’s just dull. I’m hoping season 2 is better with the new showrunner.