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The First Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer Is Here. At Least It's Colorful?

I really, really hate to judge something before it’s out. But I will say that this trailer is not doing the sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland any favors.


What we get from the trailer is a hint that the plot has Alice (Mia Wasikowska) fighting against Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to get back the Mad Hatter (Johny Depp), who is noticeably sans hat in one of the scenes.

There’s a lot going on in this trailer, all of which looks pretty, but doesn’t exactly look interesting enough to carry the movie. Also, is it just me, or has Alice taken all her clothing advice from the Hatter?

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So the first film was about Alice forgetting about Wunderland after the events of the “first film” (presumably the animated one) and now in the sequel she’s...forgotten about it again?

Also, remember how the Mad Hatter was just a tiny part of the original tale instead of this crucial character who the entire plot spins around? I’m also going to assume the Red Queen will now be a reformed villain/reluctant ally because that’s typically how these types of sequels work.

But, most importantly...that blue butterfly again. And I say again because I swear between this, Maleficent, and now Alice they keep showing this same blue butterfly/fairy thing.

I’ve joked about a live-action Disneyverse, but I genuinely feel like that’s the direction they’re heading. Like all of a sudden Kingdom Hearts is going to break out or something.