The Final Trailer for Legend of Tarzan Really Swings (Sorry)

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I mean, it’s a Tarzan movie. There’s gonna be lots of swinging around anyway. But if you needed a reminder that Tarzan loves to swing around the jungle, this “final” trailer (before the deluge of TV spots, that is) for The Legend of Tarzan lets you know: there’s gonna be a lot of swinging around in this movie.

That said, we also get a few new shots of Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie, and Djimon Hounsou, and Christoph Waltz in here too—as well as some really amazing looking shots of the gorillas in action as Tarzan brawls with one he calls his former “brother.” Oh, and the petrifying stampede of wildebeest for no particular reason also returns to hilarious/awesome effect.


The Legend of Tarzan hits theatres July 1st.

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Dr. Opossum

I was rather surprised to see that two major characters, Christoph Waltz’s Captain Leon Rom and Samuel L. Jackson’s George Washington Williams (who was over 25 years younger than Jackson when he died), are playing real people and this movie is set against the Belgian atrocities in the Congo. Rom was a genuine villain who probably killed thousands and Williams was an American trying to expose what was going on. Throwing in these real life events and people is at least an interesting variation from the average Tarzan plot.