The Final Trailer for Doctor Sleep Is Ready to Go Back to the Overlook Hotel

Danny, in that hallway.
Image: Warner Bros.

“There’s a place...” One of the scariest places in fiction, a place of power and terror and one awful dad. That’s right, Doctor Sleep is gearing up to go back to the Overlook.

That’s the vibe given by the final trailer for the film, a sequel to The Shining that works to channel both the King novels and the Stanley Kubrick film that King famously distanced himself from. It’s a tricky balancing act, but it’s one that director Mike Flanagan and his impressive cast, including lead Ewan MacGregor as Danny Torrance, seem eager to tackle.

This last trailer is heavy on the allusions to the previous film, while also shedding more light on the plot wrinkles unique to the sequel: Danny, tortured by his past, ends up linking up with a young girl with the same psychic powers as him. Only, she’s being pursued by a group of psychic villains, a struggle that leads them all, it seems, inexorably, back to the Overlook. To confront the past, and the future, all at once.


Doctor Sleep hits theaters November 8th.

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