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The Final Terrible Hack Of Robot John

Pity poor Robot John. The humans laugh and dance with him - but then when they're surrounded by chocolatey, chocolatey molten lava, they want him to carry them across. They even sabotage his self-preservation mechanism.

This depressing sequence comes from Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, a 1965 Roger Corman fiasco created by taking a Russian science fiction epic, Planeta Bur, and dubbing the Russian astronauts - very badly - in English. Then a few extra scenes were filmed, featuring Basil "Sherlock Holmes" Rathbone and a few other people sitting in a room listening to reports about the astronauts. (There's one five-minute sequence of Rathbone sitting and stroking his chin, while a voice over narrates some outer space stuff. Rathbone just sort of sits there and rocks back and forth.) There are some great rubber monsters on the planet, but mostly I feel the plight of Robot John, who gets ordered to commit suicide - and then has his free will taken away altogether when he protests.


At least Robot John gets a kind of justice eventually - in Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, a second Corman film reusing footage from Planeta Bur, this sequence appears once again. But this time around, his shattered robot body is later pulled out of the ocean by Mamie Van Doren's army of bikini-clad babes, who start worshipping him as a god. [IMDB]

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Corpore Metal

Once again the carbon units force the hapless robot to sacrifice itself. Almost tempted to rename myself "Robot John" in homage! And as spacesuits go, I agree with uglyMood, these aren't bad—rather trim and easy to move around in.

I would love to see this flick in the original Russian with subtitles.