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The third and final trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived, and it's definitely worth watching for all the new footage — footage that includes things like, oh, say, Kirk getting everyone on the Enterprise killed.

Okay, probably not, but Kirk definitely gets his crew and his ship well and truly screwed while chasing Benedict Cumberbatch's villain at around the 1:13 mark, and the rest of the footage isn't exactly cheery: Cumberbatch possibly being the most vindicative dude in any Trek universe, Action Spock, and a really, really big starship. But is it me, or does this feel more like Star Trek to you guys than the other trailers and previews? On top of the footage we screened yesterday, this is a pretty interesting hook.


The film premieres on May 17th. One more month to go...

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