The Final Spectre Trailer Is Non-Stop James Bond Action

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We’re just about a month away from the newest James Bond film, Spectre, and Sony figured we could use one more trailer to raise our collective excitement just a little higher. It worked.


Director Sam Mendes returns to the director chair for Spectre, which follows James Bond (Daniel Craig) on an adventure that’ll dive deep into his past, as well as the mysterious title organization.

This “final trailer” does away with all matter of teasing and just delivers 70 seconds of pure James Bond. Style, destruction, swagger, it’s all here. The movie looks truly excellent.


Spectre comes out November 6.


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We’re just about a month away from the newest James Bond film

Holy crap it’s already only a month away. All this waiting for Batman v. Superman: DONK DONK, Deadpool, Star Wars, and Civil War and this completely snuck up on me.

I cannot wait. Craig absolutely kills it as Bond.