The Final Pet Sematary Trailer Wants to Remind You That Dead Really Is Better

A fateful re-encounter for young Ellie in the new Pet Sematary.
A fateful re-encounter for young Ellie in the new Pet Sematary.
Image: Paramount
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You know, in the very specific circumstance of “creepy supernatural graveyard has the power to resurrect the dead,” that’s a pretty good rule.


Ahead of its impending release, Paramount has released one last trailer for Pet Sematary. This one wants to remind you, however, not of how faithful it is to King’s original story, but what it changes: because it’s all about Blaze Berdahl’s Ellie Creed, who is the poor kid brought back to life in this version, rather than her younger brother Gage.

There’s still plenty of creepy goings on, but it’s been interesting to see Pet Sematary, in the age of breathless remakes of what’s come before, focus in so keenly on what it adds to its re-imagining of a classic. There’s still plenty of homages to the original film adaptation, but still, focusing on the “twist” of Ellie’s death and return has been refreshing.

Pet Sematary lumbers back into unlife at the box office April 5.

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Changing it to the daughter so she’s old enough to talk to her dad about what happened after she comes back is a nice creepy touch.

But I’m genuinely curious how the film justifies the mom sticking around after he brings her back. Especially with Gage around.

Unless, god forbid, the daughter kills both of them them.