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The Final Divergent Film Has Been Downgraded to a TV Movie

Illustration for article titled The Final iDivergent /iFilm Has Been Downgraded to a TV Movie

The Divergent film series sure seemed a lock to fill the Hunger Games void. But after the third entry, Allegiant, opened to a chorus of shrugs, plans for the fourth and final film, Ascendant, have apparently changed. Instead of a traditional big-screen release, Ascendant will beam straight to TV, with a spin-off series possibly to follow.


This strategy is still very vague, and very in the works. Right now, the plan is to conclude the storylines from the prior movies in an Ascendant telefilm—while also introducing new characters, who would then carry on with a new, stand-alone story set in the same dystopian universe.

So far it’s unclear if series stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James would reprise their roles for Ascendant, or if author Veronica Roth is involved. As yet, no networks have been approached about the project, though Lee Toland Krieger (The Age of Adaline) is still attached to direct.



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Let's see if this ends the dystopian future YA trend. I think the Maze Runner films might be still around, but are there any other potential franchises out there?