The Final Cylon And Ron Moore Speak. Plus Lost Plot Twists, And Dollhouse Clips

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Happy spoiler Monday! Pics, videos, and Ron Moore himself, illuminate what's next on Battlestar Galactica. Set pics and reports explain Lost's future. A featurette shows more Dollhouse action. And Smallville script pages reveal all.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

I get the impression we're all a bit tired of toy spoilers. But if you're still digging the toy pics, click over to the link for more pics of this silver Audi that turns into — wait for it — a robot. [TFormers]



The first 20 minutes of island-castaway show Lost's season premiere showed at the Paley Center on Saturday, and io9 reader Mighty Squid was there! Here's her detailed report:

We start off with an unidentified man in bed with a woman, when a baby's screaming wakes them. She says it's his turn, so he grumbles and gets out of bed. The man makes food, in a routine similar to Desmond at the Hatch, and we can see he's in Othertown. He feeds the baby and goes to a room set up like a TV studio. At this point, we can see he's Marvin Candle and he's recording the instructional video, explaining that the Arrow station was used for developing weaponry. Then he's interrupted by a report that there's trouble at the Orchid.

Candle goes down underground, and we see a bunch of Dharma guys digging. They've hit "some weirdness" in an area where we know the Donkey wheel is. Candle yells at the foreman for digging into a dangerous area, where they know there's equipment that can control time. We see that one of the diggers is Daniel Faraday in a Dharma jumpsuit. Cue "Lost swoosh."


Back at the funeral home in the future, Ben and Jack keep talking about how the Oceanic Six need to go back. Back at their hotel, they see a news report of a dangerous murderer escaped from a mental institution: It's Hurley.

Back on the island, Locke is no longer with the Others — he's surprised to be alone, and starts yelling and running around. It's raining.


On the raft, Daniel says they were inside "the radius" and should be fine for now. Back on the beach, Juliette and shirtless Sawyer are wondering what's going on. Bernard comes running out of the jungle and screams for Rose. Rose finds him and they embrace. Sawyer tells them to calm down and go back to the camp — but there's no camp. No Dharma kitchen. No wreckage. Daniel arrives and tells them he knows what's happening, and they need to get to the nearest man-made object: the Hatch.


On the way to the Hatch, Sawyer demands an explanation of what's happened, and Daniel says he coudl barely explain it to a physicist. Sawyer slaps Daniel in a humorous way and keeps demanding answers, as well as Daniel's shirt (which Daniel doesn't give him.) Daniel says the island is skipping like a record, or maybe it's just them.

Meanwhile, Locke sees a plane flying overhead, and he ducks. A Mary statue falls out, just like the ones they found before. Locke runs to the crash site, and it's the Nigerian plane, still stuck in the cliff. Locke yells, but gets no answer, so he tries to climb up. Someone starts shooting, and hits Locke in the leg, and he falls. Then he sees a man running towards him with a gun — it's Ethan! Locke tries to explain to Ethan that they know each other and Ethan shouldn't shoot. But Ethan raises the gun to kill Locke — just as the flash happens again.


Now it's night time, and suddenly there's no Ethan. Locke is freaked out.

Back in the future, Sun tries to check in at an Oceanic flight counter, and gets led into a room where the door locks behind her. Charles Widmore enters through another door, pissed that Sun spoke to him in public. He asks what she wants, and she says she wants Ben dead.


And then there's the scene (which you've mostly seen in a clip already) of Sayid and Hurley at the safe house. Sayid fights the man, and Hurley stands outside holding a gun, with blood on his shirt. Someone snaps a cameraphone pic of Hurley, and then he and Sayid get away. Hurley is a bit spaced out. [Thanks Mighty Squid!]

More random tidbits: Sawyer's mysterious words to Kate were asking him to look after his daughter Clementine. But when Kate shows up with an envelope full of money, Cassidy is freaked. In episode 5x11 "Whatever Happened, Happened," Kate tells Cassidy, "Because your daughter deserves to know her father cared about her." Also, actor Kavita Patil will play a character named Rupa Krishanvani in episode 5x07, and there's speculation she's a flight attendant with the mysterious Ajira Airways. [The ODI]


Michael actor Harold Perrineau now says it's possible he could return at some point, even though his character got blown up. [The ODI]

The show was filming episode 5x12, including a scene in "Tim's Supermarket Long Beach" where Kate frantically searches for her son. And there's a smashed-up car with a bloody handprint on the hood. [SpoilersLost]


Here are a stunning 31 interviews with the show's cast and crew about the new season. [SL-Lost]


And here's the official description for episode 5x04, "The Little Prince": "Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron's true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril." (Co-written by Brian K. Vaughan!)

Battlestar Galactica:

Some deets from Ron Moore himself. There will be some more answers about the Final Five, and their responsibilities for the events we've already witnessed. We'll understand the relationship of the song "All Along The Watchtower" to the show's mythology by the end. And here's what's coming for Baltar:

He's about to take a step back from where he's been going, given the shocking discovery of Earth, but he will also find that perhaps there is something both true and untrue about his conception of "God" and what it means for him and the entire human race.


As for Lee, he's found his true path as a leader in the civilian government, and he'll have a "key idea" in the final episode that helps bring the show to its conclusion. Romo Lampkin will be back twice more this season, "once as a lawyer, and once as something bigger." Lucy Lawless will not reappear at all. And the Sixes will have way more screen time coming up. And finally, the TV movie "The Plan" will finally make good on that promise the show made in its opening credits for so many episodes, which Moore now regrets agreeing to in the first place. [MediaBlvd]

Ellen Tigh actor Kate Vernon says there will be "fireworks" when she and Saul get back together, but at the same time Ellen is "above" and "beyond" the whole Saul-killing-her business, "now that she's fully realized. She understands that that needed to happen." So it'll be "a very happy reunion." We'll be amazed by Ellen's destiny, and the role she plays in the final picture. And she says she's in seven of the show's final nine episodes. [Access Hollywood and Los Angeles Times]


Also, the show updated its "You Will Know The Truth" page one last time, and here's our first look at Starbuck and her piano-playing pal Slim, who shows up later in the season to make some sweet music with her. [Sci Fi]


A new video featurette about the show's "second unit" includes a few glimpses of upcoming episodes. [Galactica Sitrep]


Here are a ton of photos from Friday's all-new episode, including writer/director Ron Moore on set. Dude! [SpoilerTV]

Plus the episode's Canadian trailer also includes a very different look at its events. In particular, the scenes involving Tyrol and Saul are pretty eyebrow-raising. [Battlestar Blog]



Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis hasn't gotten a call to come back to the superpowered soap opera yet, and he suspects his character, the Haitian, may not appear during the "Fugitives" story arc at all. [Heroes Spoilers]


And here's a longer version of the behind-the-scenes video we showed you before, with more of an explanation of why/how our heroes are "bagged and tagged."

Apparently in episode 3x23, we'll be meeting Angela Petrelli as a 16-year-old idealist, determined to make the world a better place. And her younger sister Wendy, who looks up to her. [Heroes Spoilers]



Fox released a new featurette about Joss Whedon's brain-erasure drama.


The mind-wiped "Active" named Sierra comes out "guns blazing" in the show's new pilot. And in an upcoming episode, we learn more about who she was before she became an "Active." Meanwhile, Topher, the nerdy programmer who creates the fake personalities, has no friends away from work. But he's in love/lust with someone at his work — maybe an "Active." [TV Guide via Whedonesque]


Some casting pages from episode 8x17, "Hex," have turned up. There's lots of wacky action with Chloe in Lois Lane's body, where she has a hard time dealing with how much everybody sucks up to Lois all the time. She throws her weight around and trying to order a geeky reporter ("Bug-Eyes") to dig up dirt on Zatanna the magician, and "the 411 on where the 5-0 took that antiquities dealer." She may be referring to Dini, the owner of Dini's Antiques, who mysteriously starts exposing himself indecently and speaking in Latin. (And it turns out Dini got cursed by Zatanna, because he knew too much, or wished for the wrong thing. As soon as he stops caring about knowing a dead language, his Latin is gone, replaced with English. And he warns that Zatanna is after a spell that is supposed to save her dead father, but really will endanger the whole world.)


At one point, Chloe/Lois is with Clark, and they see a woman being mugged. Chloe, who knows Clark's secret, tells him to do something. So Clark, who thinks this is Lois, calls 911. Exasperated, Chloe/Lois tackles the mugger herself.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow uses knockout gas to disable the guards at a LuthorCorp facility so he can snoop around. Also, Ollie meets up with Zatanna/Cassie, who asks for his help. She offers to bring back Ollie's own parents from the dead, but he says he's dealt with their death — and maybe Cassie/Zatanna should do the same. The item Zatanna wants is dangerous, and it should stay buried. So Cassie curses Ollie, causing him to scream, and then says, "Always take the wish." [SpoilerTV]


Knight Rider:

Exactly how much will KARR look like a Transformer in this week's new episode? Behold! [Knight Rider Online]


Meanwhile, in episode 1x15, "Knight Fight," Mike has to infiltrate a fight club — yeah, I know — as he helps an old friend investigate the death of a tough drill sergeant. [SpoilerTV]

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