The Final Brightburn Trailer Goes Full Supervillain Horror Movie

This kid is creepy AF.
This kid is creepy AF.
Photo: Sony

Nothing quite like a pint-sized super boy killing everyone to help you ring in the holiday.


Brightburn, the new film from producer James Gunn and director David Yarovesky, opens this Memorial Day weekend. It stars Jackson A. Dunn as a young boy who comes to Earth with extraordinary powers, kind of like Superman. And like Superman, he’s taken in by two loving parents, here played by Elizabeth Banks and David Denman. But, unlike Superman, this boy isn’t about truth and justice—he’s about evil and violence.

With mere days to go before opening, Sony has released a final trailer for the film. In it you see why Brightburn is being marketed as “the first horror movie of the summer” and not “the second superhero movie.”

While pre-release buzz for Brightburn has been generally positive among people who’ve seen it, my biggest question mark is if Yarovesky can handle the huge task of taking this killer concept and making it into something even more than just that.

Brightburn opens Thursday. We’ll have more soon.

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