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The battle between Nigeria's haves and have-nots comes to a head amidst the post-apocalyptic, shattered landscape of Lagos some 50 years from now, in the new movie Kajola. Check out two trailers, full of explosions and crazy fight scenes.


I love this "teaser trailer" for Kajola, in which a lone man makes a strike for justice in the super high-tech, luxurious island where the wealthy residents of Lagos are sheltering from the results of a civil war:

And here's the full trailer, featuring more action sequences:

Here's the film's official synopsis:

Kajola is the Yoruba word for commonwealth. In the year 2059, Nigeria becomes a totalitarian state. After a second civil war, the rich relocate to the Island areas of Lagos state and turn it into an ultra modern city. The war torn mainland of lagos state is disconnected and abandoned.

A rebel leader, Allen learns of a plot codenamed Kajola to build cities on the mainland and eliminate the remaining survivors. He leads a rebellion against the govt. And must be stopped by Yetunde, the police chief. Though mortal enemies, both discover that everything they thought they knew were nothing but lies.Its a story of love and lust and it heightens the fact that if we don't deal with the segregation and negligence issues facing the country today, then our future is quite predictable because TOMORROW IS TODAY.


Kajola makes its debut in Lagos on July 30, and let's hope it reaches U.S. cinemas at some point. Plus let's hope this is just the beginning of a new wave of Nollywood science fiction. [Kajola The Movie via Bella Naija]

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