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The Final Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer May Cause a Fatal Overdose of Whimsy

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Alice Through the Looking Glass comes out May 27, and its final trailer echoes what we’ve been seeing from all its advertising thus far: visually, this thing will be lush, dazzling, and aggressively whimsical; plot-wise, it probably won’t make a lot of sense. Also, the narration makes us miss Alan Rickman so damn much.


We also get a slightly better look at the villainous Time, played by Sacha Baron Cohen. And then there’s Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, once again reminding us that “This cannot be good.” You’ve been saying that since the first trailer, Hatter. Are you trying to tell us something?

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Comma Chameleon

I’ll be avoiding this like the plague. The first one was Burton’s career low point, imo. It was torture.