The field of psychology could be entering a period of rapid transformation, leading the charge on reforms that stand to benefit all life sciences. Over at The Guardian, Chris Chambers runs through five big changes to the field to look for in the coming year.

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As well it should. For far too long Sigmund Freud was considered the unquestinable god of the field,when in reality most of his postulates were Pseudo-Science bullshit. Freud's cultural influence is based, at least implicitly, on the premise that his theory is scientifically valid. But from a scientific point of view, classical Freudian psychoanalysis is obsolete as both a theory of the mind and a mode of therapy.

Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) is the current approach that seems to work,but in time it'll have to evolve. It's not's just psychology that needs to transform but rather synergize itself with other fields related with the Brain. Modern life has created some bizarre atavisms and behaviors and the Brain can respond unsually to them.