The ferocious blooms of Ireland's plankton are visible from space

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Check out that blue alien swarm off the coast of Ireland. It's phytoplankton in bloom, in an image captured last spring and released this week. They swirl in the water, almost like an intelligence... with a purpose. [ESA via NationalGeographic]



Attack of the Intelligent Plankton? Sounds like Box Office gold to me.

I'm picturing the intelligent plankton ruining some beaches Red Tide-style, but instead of a rash, the Irish phytoplankton attempts to take you over and turn you into a plankton zombie, slowly spreading their influence from the couple morons dumb enough to hang out on the beach in Irish Intelligent Plankton Season into the major cities and population centers.

Eventually we end up with a couple of the last non-planktonified people in Ireland trying to escape the Emerald Isle without being turned into plankton zombies. Probably one of them is a researcher of some sort who has important information on how to stop the plankton.

In the end the researcher somehow gets forced to, rather than escape, jury-rig a delivery device for his plankton antidote and deploy it over Dublin, thus saving the day, but not before a couple of the main characters we were supposed t care about die in hilariously over-the-top ways...