The Feel Of An Explosion At His Back Moves J.J. Abrams To Song

The MTV Movie Awards actually managed to make my little black heart laugh with this musical gem. Host Andy Samberg joined a Neil Diamond-clad Will Ferrell, and sang how, "Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions." The Joker, Robocop, Iron Man, Wolverine and J.J. Abrams are all there, walking away.

I mean you can't ask for much more from an award show that is basically one big peddler for commercials and self promotion. Well done Samberg — now, go hit on Megan Fox some more.


Can you name them all? Don't forget From Dusk Til Dawn.

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Technically, Robocop walked through his explosion and the Joker did look back for his before jumping into the bus. I'm just saying.