Following on from the conclusion of their current space disaster series Annihilation: Conquest, Marvel Comics and writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are reviving an old name for a new twist on the superhero team idea. Guardians Of The Galaxy will see a collection of the publisher's mostly-forgotten scifi characters teaming up to save the universe on a monthly basis. And, like any good sci-fi superhero comic, there's a telepathic Russian dog on the team.

Abnett and Lanning - who also write Nova for Marvel, where telepathic dog Cosmo first appeared - talked to CBR about what to expect from the new series:

We both loved (and grew up on) Jim Starlin's cosmic Marvel stories in the'70s... This is our homage to, our tribute to, and our advancement of those themes, characters and ideas. This is the job we got into comics to do.


Series editor Bill Rosemann went into a little more detail:

Yes, 'Guardians' will push all those superhero buttons that we all love — troubled heroes, sinister challenges, emotional intrigue and jaw-dropping cliff-hangers— but it's also a sci-fi book packed with amazing worlds, mind-blowing technology, wild life forms and intense space warfare. And like all good sci-fi storytellers, the creators will comment on humanity with visuals and metaphors that will hopefully be thought provoking and maybe even controversial. And, who am I kidding, if you just want to see bad-ass fighters, hot femme fatales, a high-tech HQ in a decapitated Celestial head, a telepathic Russian cosmonaut dog, and a smart-mouth raccoon with a penchant for heavy armaments, we'll have all that too.

The series launches in May, following the April conclusion of Annihilation: Conquest.

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