Image: Chronicle Books/Tim Leong

The galaxy far, far away is jam-packed with trivia and information to make the most diehard of Star Wars fans salivate. Ever wondered who’s rescued who (and how many times) across the Star Wars saga? Or how many lightsaber colors have been shown across the movies and TV shows? This new infographic book is just for you.

Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Star Wars Universe, published by Chronicle and created by Tim Leong as a follow up to his awesome comic book infographic collection Super Graphic, answers all these delightfully specific questions and more through an array of playful charts and graphs.


The book collates everything from as simple as a chart of the average heights of heroes and villains, to diagrams covering how many times the Force has been mentioned across the movies, and many, many more. Check out a few samples of some of the gorgeous visualizations of some seriously nerdy Star Wars factoids you can find in the book below, making their debut here on io9. Don’t forget to click on the magnifying glass in the top left of each image to see it at a higher resolution!


Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Star Wars Universe is available now.


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