The Fall Out Boy Music Video for Teen Titans Go! Redeems That Horrible Ghostbusters Song

Image: Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! did a four-part series about fighting a dragon who wants to steal Cyborg’s favorite song, “The Night Begins to Shine.” (Because that is every dragon’s secret desire.) Following that story, Cartoon Network released the a music video for that song with the classic premise of “defeating evil with the power of ROCK.”


Visually and musically, this is one of the most fun things either Fall Out Boy or Teen Titans Go! has put out. It’s miles ahead of the last nerdy thing Fall Out Boy did a song for, which was the excoriable “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)”.

In-universe, the song from B.E.R. is Cyborg’s actual favorite, but Teen Titans Go! has put it in the hands of the likes of Cee-Lo Green and Puffy AmiYumi. But it’s this music video that has won our hearts.

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Keyan Reid

Bring on the TTG haters!

No, seriously. Bring them on. This show is fueled by their tears and trolls them with a master’s touch.