The Fairy Godmother Makes a Comeback in Disney's Godmothered

Jillian Bell in Godmothered.
Jillian Bell in Godmothered.
Screenshot: Disney+
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When you were growing up, every kids’ movie had some form of a fairy godmother. A magical being that teamed up with a young kid to make their dreams come true. However, some reason or another, that’s kind of stopped being a thing, which is where the new Disney movie Godmothered picks up.


Directed by Sharon Maguire (Bridget Jones’s Diary), Godmothered stars Jillian Bell as Eleanor, a very earnest fairy godmother who desperately wants to help a young girl in a world where most young girls don’t care anymore. Finally, she finds a girl in need and travels to Earth—only to find the girl isn’t so young anymore. She’s now Isla Fisher, who is none too happy to have this weird magical person in her life. At least to start.

Godmothered comes exclusively to Disney+ on December 4 and here’s the first trailer.

While the premise is obviously clever, I think what I’m most interested in here is just seeing Bell and Fisher go toe to toe. Sure, it would be funnier in an R-rated movie rather than a Disney film, but they are two of the funniest actresses working today. I immediately think of Bell in 22 Jump Street and Brittany Runs a Marathon, and Fisher in Wedding Crashers and Tag, just to name a few of their standout performances. They are just so great. Basically, you have to think even if the movie isn’t that good, spending a few hours with those two would be a nice holiday treat on its own.

Godmothered also stars Santiago Cabrera, Jane Curtin, June Squibb, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Stephnie Weir.

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I absolutely hates these kinds of movies.... and yet I watched the whole trailer. I laughed once.  So that’s good I guess?