The Faculty's Alien Monster Joins Ron Livingston In Space

The new space drama starring Ron Livingston just got even more exciting. Defying Gravity has landed Laura Harris as the female lead, some of you may remember her as the evil parasitic alien from The Faculty. Harris has plenty of genre cred, after appearing in Stargate Atlantis and The Dead Zone. I've always thought this adorable pixie of a person has just needed her moment to shine to break it big, and co-starring with Ron Livingston on a six-year mission through space sounds pretty amazing. Harris will take on the role of Chloe the geologist, who used to date Livingston's character Maddux (oooh space drama). [The Hollywood Reporter]


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Its bad that I watcher her long before Primeval but my first though was "she kind of looks like Abby".

She also was in an episode of Highlander, Sliders, MANTIS, X-files, and was some where in "IT".