The Fables Movie Isn't Dead! A Kick-Ass Writer Comes On Board

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Good news. The movie version of the badass, modern day fairytale comics we ALL want to see adapted, Fables, is NOT dead. In fact, the movie just got a pretty exciting screenwriter to take another pass at the script.


Honestly, we thought the Fables movie was dead — which was a very big bummer because out of all the current iterations of fairy tales (both in film and on television) nothing can stand next to the Vertigo comic series Fables. It's amazing — go read it.

It was previously revealed that Nikolaj Arcel (The Royal Affair) would direct the Fables movie, but we thought the project was stuck in development purgatory. But in an interview with Comic Book Resources Spinoff Online, producer David Heyman (Harry Potter, Gravity) confirmed that Arcel is still on to direct and that the script is currently getting a new draft from Kick-Ass screenwriter Jane Goldman.


Heyman adds that he hopes this movie will be able to move into the next stage, but "all these things always take longer than you want. And Fables is not easy, by any means, but I think it'll be pretty great."

As for Heyman's vision for the film, here's what he thinks about the comic, which will hopefully quiet any concerns:

Can you sum up the essence of what you saw in it that made you get excited about translating it into film?

I'm drawn to stories about outsiders, and I think the Fables are outsiders. They're people torn from the place where they were raised, by The Adversary. They arrive in a New York City-type place, and how we're approaching is that they're people who are all separate, and how they ultimately have to form the community in order to survive. They're all inhabiting their own little universes within this world. But they have to form this community, and that really appealed to me. And I just think the characters are so vivid. And I also think the farm is, again, it's very human. That's what I like. It's a challenging film.

We like where Heyman's head and heart are at. Please please please, just be good.

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:*( But I have to wait an extra year for The Wolf Among Us Season Two. Glass half empty.