If you had to name one distinguishing characteristic of the junk-trading Jawas in the Star Wars universe, it would probably be their “ootini!” cry. But if you had to name two, the glowing eyes under their hooded faces comes a close second, which ThinkGeek has managed to include on these adorably creepy Jawa lawn ornaments.

The 16-inch tall resin statues are priced just under $80, and aren’t quite the same scale as the Jawas that rescued Artoo and Threepio. However, this makes it easier for them to hide them in and around the gardens and bushes surrounding your home. They retail for

The statue’s eyes do indeed glow as long as they have power, which is provided by a solar panel on the back instead of requiring you to run power cords around your property. However, it doesn’t appear as if ThinkGeek has included a rechargeable battery to keep them glowing all night long after the sun has set. Which is too bad, because that’s when you really want these things to creep out your neighbors.