The Explosive "Wanted" Shootout You Will Never Get To See

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a scene from Wanted that destroyed James McAvoy's crotch, but ended up cut from the film — and it won't even be on the DVDs. (The scene's description also gives away the movie's big plot twist.) We also have our second batch of rumors about the villain(s) of the Avengers movie. And there's a new clip from Saturday's Doctor Who, and new details about Heroes, Chuck and the American Life On Mars. It may be summer, but the spoilers never stop flowing.

The Avengers:

Here's someone who claims (based on what, I'm not sure) that the villains of the 2011 Avengers movie will be Loki and the Masters Of Evil. [Spout]



Here are a couple of new clips from Wanted, the dweeb-becomes-super-assassin movie. More clips at the link. [JoBlo]

Also, Terence Stamp (who plays Pekwarsky, a bullet-maker) says his minor character will play a much bigger role in the Wanted sequel, which is already planned out. [CinemaBlend]

Oh, and apparently there was a whole sequence at the end of the movie, where Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy are fighting each other and falling through four floors of an exploding building. It took four days to film, with a groin-rupturing harness, and then director Timur Bekmambetov cut the whole sequence — it won't even be on the DVD. Instead, the final confrontation between Freeman and McAvoy is a simple sequence that took 20 minutes to film, says McAvoy. [MoviesOnline]


Life On Mars:

The American version of Life On Mars makes it very clear in the first episode that the time traveling cop Sam is really in a coma — unlike the British version, which I think sat on the fence for a while. (Of course, they're totally reshooting the pilot with a new supporting cast, so who knows what it'll really be like.) [Spoiler TV]



As we may already have mentioned, Adam (David Anders) will definitely get dug up and cause more trouble this season on Heroes, the show where nobody ever goes away. (Except D.L.) [TV Guide]


Doctor Who:

Here's a sneak peek from Saturday's new Doctor Who, which confirms that the Doctor dies at the hands — er, legs — of the Racnoss, that red spidery thing that ruined Donna's wedding day. Although I'm overthinking things a bit... if the Doctor hadn't met Donna on her wedding day, how would he have found the Racnoss? Wouldn't the Racnoss have waited longer to "harvest" Donna's magical sparkle energy, if it hadn't suddenly yanked her into the TARDIS? Okay, done overthinking now. [Spoiler TV]


The cover of Doctor Who Magazine gives another look at that spicy red Dalek from the end of season four. That's a spicy Dalek! [TARDIS Scanner]


And in case there was any doubt, Gwen and Ianto from Torchwood will be in the Doctor Who season finale. [Torch_wood Community]



More details about that episode of nerd-spy show Chuck, where we learn Sarah the superspy's real name. We also learn that she's from San Diego and her dad had a troubled past. [Zap2It]


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