The Expanse Is Coming Back on February 8

Image: Rafy/Syfy
Image: Rafy/Syfy

The Expanse is one of the very best science fiction shows on television, with a diverse cast, a thoroughly compelling story, and beautiful production values. Even a trailer as short as the one Syfy just released makes us desperate to see more of this show.


The Expanse takes place in a future where Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt have all been colonized by humans. In that time, all three have developed different interests and massive distrust of the other two. Season one started out as three different mysteries—the destruction of an ice hauler, a missing girl, and an investigation into corruption on Earth—which all culminated in the discovery of a weapon that was hidden by the manipulation of the tensions between the three factions.

Season two, which starts February 8, is clearly going to deal with the large scale fallout of that discovery and the smaller scale question of what the ordinary people who got caught up in this will do.


Here, via Blastr, is the trailer:

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Can’t wait. I just hope the year-long haitus (which I felt was a terrible idea) doesn’t kill their ratings, as it has for other shows.